#31 mic becomes very distorted


Hi, I hope this is the correct place to post.
I built and installed IDJC from source on FreeBSD 8.2, All went well and the stream is nice. However, The audio from the mic is very fuzzy and distorted. When the DJ input button is deactivated, the audio from the mic through the monitors is fine.
my connections are:

dj_out_l --> str_in_l
dj_out_r --> str_in_r
dj_out_l --> playback_1
dj_out_r --> playback_2
dsp_out_l --> str_in_l
dsp_out_r --> str_in_r
dsp_out_l --> playback_1
dsp_out_r --> playback_2

capture_1 --> ch_in_1
capture_2 --> ch_in_2

is this not correct or is there something more i am missing?

Also, has there been a change in the idjc JACK PORTS preferences tab? The version I have only show only has "General, Channels, Binding and about" it doesn't look like the screenshot on the IDJC site.

Thanks for any direction in this matter.


  • Stephen Fairchild

    Here's the problem. You have a permanent connection from the mic to the monitors. Fix that by breaking that connection in JACK or in the mixer settings. When the mix is opened you are mixing a second delayed audio which is interfering with the first.

    The other problem is you are using monitors instead of closed back headphones. This is not normally a problem since you can deselect mic audio from the DJ mix. Unfortunately you have opted to stream the DJ mix which means if you deselect mic audio from the DJ mix you cant get it in the stream either. It also means you will be streaming the DJ alarm (if used).

    Sane audio routing:
    dj_out_l->playback_1 <-Dj mix to the soundcard
    str_out_l->str_in_l <- Stream mix to the stream

    Disconnect dsp_out entirely. It is meant for routing the stream mix through external programs.
    capture_1 and 2 are correct.

    The user interface has had some changes but the functionality is still there. The website will be updated when the next version is released.

  • pdono

    pdono - 2012-02-25

    Hi, Thank you for the response.
    These settings are a big improvement. However, the problem is still here :(
    The quality is very nice in the DJ mix but when selected to stream the quality becomes very poor. is there anything else i can try?

    thank you

  • pdono

    pdono - 2012-02-26

    Actually, It works now. What i did was, within patchage. increase the latency from the default 1024 to 2048. After that and the setting you advised, it works perfect.

    I had on other question, In a moment of shear frustration, I changed some default values in the channel prefs. Is the a file i can delete and restart IDJC to have the default values put back? if so, what is the name of the file to remove?

    once again, thanks for the help!

  • Stephen Fairchild

    Port connections are typically stored in


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