#30 mic is playing the stream


I am using kubuntu11.10 and the mic is playing the stream, When I am try to use the mic it will be clicked and an enormous soundproblem so I am not able to speak with the microphone. I am tried to fins some solutions with patchage for example but I am not able to change that.
I am using soundcard xonarXD2 pci and amd64 pc even i will use another microphone (usb) still the same problem exist.


  • Stephen Fairchild

    Does it sound like the audio clip on this web page?

    Ideally you would be DJing with closed back headphones. If you are using headphones the sound level is way too high. IDJC supports removing microphone audio entirely from the DJ's mix which is a good solution if all you have are loudspeakers.

  • Johan

    Johan - 2011-12-28

    I am sorry it is not that sound, it is much wors. I looks like a loop so that what ever i play it is looped back into the mic level, when turned on the mic then everything is clipped and so on and for sure you will stop the sound imediatly

  • Johan

    Johan - 2012-01-15
    • status: open --> closed
  • Johan

    Johan - 2012-01-15

    I found out that I must switch off the analoog loopback, but this issue is difficult in kde. so i installed the gnome alsamixer and switch off this.

    thanks for the replyings at all :)


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