#63 Player start and Start Recording playlist controls


It would be very handy to see a couple of new IDJC playlist control functions added - 'Player Start' and 'Start Recording'.

'Player Start' would necessarily prompt you for a time to start playing and 'Start Recording' would need to let you specify which stream to start recording or have 4 (or 6?) different start recording playlist fuctions, one for each stream.

Thanks Stephen!


  • Stephen Fairchild

    What have these proposed controls got to do with the execution of a running playlist? They don't follow the playlist sequence and only one playlist mode does follow in sequence which is why only that mode supports playlist controls in the first place.

    The features you describe already exist in the output window.

  • Daniel MacDonald

    I realise that a 'Start recording' playlist function would only make sense when the playlists are in 'Play All' mode but that'd be fine.

    I have looked in the output window options but I don't see the ability to schedule the start of recordings, only the ability to start recording when you connect to a stream.

  • Daniel MacDonald

    The idea behind this feature request being that we would like the ability to be able to schedule (start and stop automatically) multiple recordings within a playlist.

    I think such functionality would also be valid, if maybe not as useful, in the 'Loop All' playlist mode too.

  • Stephen Fairchild

    The Jump To Top control makes support for playlist controls in Loop All mode unnecessary.

    I think Player Start is a bad name since you would probably want it to work while the player is running to schedule things like news reports at specific times so Schedule 23:00 would act like as a jumping in point on the playlist at 23:00 possibly with Start Recorder 1 or Start Stream With Kick 1,2,3 to follow.

  • Daniel MacDonald

    That sounds like it would do the trick - a 'scheduled event' playlist control function that could trigger such events - yes please!

    Last edit: Daniel MacDonald 2014-04-21
  • Daniel MacDonald

    I don't seem to have the ability to change the subject of this thread but I would like to drop the request for a 'player start' scheduled playlist control and gain the ability to insert playlist control markers to start recording on any one of the configured streams.

    These markers would have the same effect as clicking on a stream under the Files -> Recorders menu but unlike that menu I think the playlist controls should just be labelled 'Record Stream 1' etc and not show the destination path. If the user wants to see that they can open the output window.


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