How to stop playlists auto reconnecting?

  • Daniel MacDonald

    I'm trying to hack together a script and process for scheduling recordings to get played under IDJC at certain times via cron (actually the KDE task scheduler) using a script something like this:

    jack_disconnect idjc_default:pl_in_l idjc_default:pl_out_l
    jack_disconnect idjc_default:pl_in_r idjc_default:pl_out_r
    cvlc -jack-connect-regex idjc_default.pl_in_ "$1"
    wait $!
    jack_connect idjc_default:pl_in_l idjc_default:pl_out_l
    jack_connect idjc_default:pl_in_r idjc_default:pl_out_r

    I have tried using both mplayer and cvlc so far as the player but the problem I'm having is that the playlists always reconnect themselves to their jack inputs automtically as soon as mplayer or cvlc connects to IDJC.

    Can I stop them auto-reconnecting or is there a better way to achieve this? I know Stephen has said IDJC has no plans to integrate scheduling but it'd be good if it made allowances for it.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Stephen Fairchild

    Jack2 doesn't play well with programs rewiring another programs' internals - or rather making disconnections in particular. For what you are trying to do Jack1 is best.


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