No audio for other programs

  • Edu

    Edu - 2012-08-30

    Hi people,

    First of all I wanted to say that I can't find info about this here.

    I have Linux Mint 13 and I installed IDJC from the software center. The program is perfect I can use it and listen songs, the streaming is good also.
    The other day when I wanted to listen some music from my music player (Clementine) there were no sound. I tried others programs like VLC but same results.

    I think that this is related with the jackd, qjackd and stuff :p
    Anybody can give a hand to solve the problem?

    Sorry if my English is a bit rusty jaja


  • Edu

    Edu - 2012-08-30

    Some extra info: I didn't configured nothing, only the things for stream.

  • Edu

    Edu - 2012-09-01

    Thanks! I'm going to try that.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-12-28

    did that work? I'm having that issue too.


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