• Beatriz Velazquez

    Hello, I'm really new at this, I want to transmit from home, but I can't rund IDJC, so I tried to do it manually, but then at the terminal I found this message
    Your system has an audio group, but you are not a member of it.
    Please add yourself to the audio group by executing (as root):
      usermod -a -G audio betty

    I don't know how to add myself to the audio group.
    I put a link of an image of my problem.

    Please if somebody could help me, I really apreciate it.
    my email

  • Beatriz Velazquez

  • Stephen Fairchild

    You should type in the console the following line….
    sudo usermod -a -G audio betty

    Then you need to log out then log in again and start jackd and maybe it will say something else needs doing.
    I made this page to help so you can see that your problems are nothing unusual.

  • shawn

    shawn - 2013-05-11

    hey s-fairchild this is from me i been trying to do add my self to audio group like you told betty  but heres my question where at in the console do i go to do that please hit me back when you can thanks much

  • Stephen Fairchild

    You open a console/terminal and copy paste that text in it. It should be as straight forward as taking a dump if it were not for the way modern desktops are designed. Find the terminal program open it type the text hit the 'Enter' key.


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