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  • Daniel MacDonald

    I'm running the regular 0.8.7 IDJC package in the Ubuntu 12.04 repos and I'm wondering if there is a way to have IDJC try to connect to a streaming server at start? I saw this thread:

    and I get the same error message if I try using idjcctrl too. It was recommended that they try using the -s switch when starting IDJC but that option doesn't seem to exist any more. Ideally, there would be an option to try connecting every so many seconds until the connection can be made or do a 'kick incumbent' style connect.

    Also, what is the 'external' playlist mode option for?


  • Daniel MacDonald

    Sorry, I'd asked about the external playlist before I'd even tried it and on top of it being obvious what it does when you choose it I see there is comprehensive help for the playlist modes displayed when you mouseover.

    I'd still like to know about the possibility of auto-connecting to a server and the best way to handle scheduling (see my previous thread on this forum)

  • Stephen Fairchild

    Tested today with the development version to start the first two server connections and the left player with the crossfader where you want it…
    idjc run -s 1 2 -P 1 -x 1

    For more info
    idjc run -help

    idjcctrl is gone and should be replaced with an extensive settings exposure on DBus to make scripting possible. If you need an automated station this is the wrong application. Take a look at airtime.

  • Daniel MacDonald

    Hi Stephen!

    Thanks for clarifying that - I was wondering what the run switch was for.

    We tried airtime but we were disappointed to discover it has no support for scheduling live shows yet. IDJC seems to be the only suitable Linux radio app for our purposes.

    I look forward to seeing some kind of scripting interface introduced into IDJC - sounds like something we could use.

    We've only just started using IDJC in production today so we'll let you know how we get on.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Stephen Fairchild

    IDJC now has a -k, -kicksources command line option. This operates just once so as not to be too aggressive.

  • Daniel MacDonald


    Thanks for adding that Stephen! We'll be updating to git soon.


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