skype and idjc in ubuntu 12.04

  • daniel

    daniel - 2012-05-10

    I find different guides online on how to connect skype to idjc but none works for me. Can someone please provide advice on how to do this? I am using ubuntu 12.04, idjc 0.8.7-2, skype, and have JACK and Pulse Audio JACK Sync installed.

  • Anonymous - 2012-09-11

    I have the same problem. I´ve installed the same Software like you. My .asoundrc ist this:

    pcm.idjcvoip {
          type plug
          slave {pcm "idjcjack" }
    pcm.idjcjack {
       type jack
       playback_ports {
          0 idjc-default:voip_in_l
          1 idjc-default:voip_in_r
       capture_ports {
          0 idjc-default:voip_out_l
          1 idjc-default:voip_out_r

    But there is no 'idjcvoip' available in the Sound-Options of Skype…

    So i need also help please.



  • Anonymous - 2012-10-31

    Hi, I had the same problem, so i worked it without jack and idjc integration. I use a second usb sound card and route skype analog signals to loop back in line-in. This is temporary workaround util the software is fixed.

  • Stephan Tischer

    Stephan Tischer - 2012-11-05


    I had disabled pulseaudio and thats it.  ;-) Then you get the option  'idjcvoip' available in the Sound-Options of Skype. ;-)

    But i have the situation, that idjc freezes, if i turn a call in skype. So all is nothing. :-((( I need help. I think i have done all things against all problems. Only the freeze is my problem.^^^

  • Jesse Cox

    Jesse Cox - 2013-06-02

    Having the same problem with Ubuntu 13.04.

  • Daniel MacDonald uses Skype with IDJC via falkTX's snd-aloop ALSA2JACK audio bridge. The easiest way to get this for some is to install KXStudio which has an ALSA2JACK bridge set up by default, otherwise see:

    Make sure your JACK input device is set correctly if you are using a mic input on your machine and then when A2J audio bridge is established and running (we use Cadence to control both JACK and the A2J bridge), just use the 'Default' option for all your Skype devices and Skype on JACK should 'just work'.

    I tried to use the .asoundrc settings advised by the IDJC docs but I had no luck so I used this method instead.


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