Shoutcast 2 server

Sean Bruno
  • Sean Bruno

    Sean Bruno - 2014-04-16

    I noted that nullsoft released/updates the shoutcast server just before the end of 2013 and did some tests of idjc against it. Everything seems to "just work" but I think the methods that scrape the shoutcast server page for getting listeners isn't compatible with the new server. The listener count seems to fail and never get any value.

    Running from the command line I see "failed to get server stats for" which probably means it failed to parse the html from the server page. shoutcast v1 servers seem to work just fine.

  • Stephen Fairchild

    Fixed in Git sources. It looks like there's no need to log in to get stats with Shoutcast 2. If the stats data can be restricted from the server config file then I will have to look again at the code.


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