Robs wish List.

  • Rob Andrews

    Rob Andrews - 2011-10-02

    Some things/interface plugins that would be nice if it was developed:

    1)  the mic button changed color when it was pressed.  Something like bright red or green

    2) A track mode for duel deck called "random hop"  it would randomly hop from one side of the list to the other,   This would be awesome.

    3) listing of where I can find the text file writing data for IDJC.  That way I could write a php script for it.  Then I could make an interface that would cron that data up to a server, and that would allow me to use IDJC to DJ, but transfer the stream on another computer.  I can do this though.  Just take a second to look. 

    4) and this would be the ultimate awesomeness.  A simple built in playlist generator.  Something I could use that would help me to make a clockwheel.  Windows has tabassco's amazing clock wheel.  Its old but it spawns playlist files like a champ.  Linux has nothing.  This would rock. Something simple like tabassco's free concoction. 


  • Rob Andrews

    Rob Andrews - 2011-10-02

    That extra 3 was going to be a 5. 

    5)  If no playlist maker, at least the ability to set it up in the jingles box to play a jingle after x number of songs.  Would be awesome.

  • Stephen Fairchild

    1 & 2 are in the git repository.

    1 is done with coloured bars at the side of the button rather than setting the background which is unreliable and overly dramatic. They can be set from 0 to 10 pixels wide. Users choice of colour too. They also perform reminder flash duties when the player is active and the mic is left open.

    2 was implemented using code from the Alternate and Random modes. Easy.

    3 You could run two instances of idjc with the mixer and sourceclient modules disconnected from one other then mixer 1 routed to sourceclient 2 via netjack. Maybe netjack is what's needed? You could substitute ices for idjc as the sourceclient though.

    4 Machine playlists lead to no DJ. In which case you may as well use one of the many radio automation programs. A live console and an automated set demand different things of user interface design.

    5 Still uninspired as to how to do this well even after five years. The jingles player is doomed to be either grossly simple or grossly complicated. The middle ground being like a fly with three wings.


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