• daz

    daz - 2013-05-10

    Hi forum,
    I have a problem really needs sorting here and I have no idea of the cause. We have been looking for a broadcast solution here for a few months now and have settled on an idjc jack set up coz it is a really good set up. we have radio hosts looking for a broadcast solution and i want to convert them to idjc but would like to get this issue of AUX and MIC channel crash first.

    The only issue i have is this and bear with me while i try and explain. I am running slackware 14.0. Say if i plug mplayer or any other media player into IDJC  via the bridge. it will play just fine but if it reaches the end of the playlist and it wont happen every time but most of the time it will happen that all sound from the bridge will cease in idjc. the connections in jack are fine but no sound any more through AUX channels 3 and 4. Sometimes it wont happen after the first playlist but will certainly happen after the media player stops and a second playlist is loaded.

    For that reason today i decided to just use the player in IDJC. Had my mic set up and working fine. Next the player reaches the end of the IDJC player playlist and all connections to the AUX and MIC channels dissapear. No sound comes through those channes any more and the only way to get it up and running again is to reboot IDJC.

    Could anyone shed any light on what is going on here.

    I am using IDJC version 0.8.8 and qjackctl version 0.3.9

    Any ideas would be really appreciated because this is not an ideal setup at the minute. When this problem happens i have to disconnect from the server and reconnect and these station silences are disruptive to the audience.



  • Stephen Fairchild

    Version 0.8.9 is the ideal setup. Hopefully this improves things.

  • daz

    daz - 2013-05-10

    cheers s-fairchild,
    i will give it a go but not tonight GMT. it is a minor issue but it is a big one so hopefully the new version will sort this issue out. i will get back here to let you know how it works out


  • daz

    daz - 2013-05-11

    Fair play s-fairchild,
    been testing it all afternoon and morning and it is working like a dream now.

    well done



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