How many active IDJC stations are there?

  • Daniel MacDonald

    I'm wondering if Mr F. has any idea how many active stations there are today using IDJC at their core?

    Dark City Radio has been running 100%, 24hrs a day purely powered by IDJC for a few months already. We're currently using it with Skype but we're hoping to move to an open alternative like Mumble/Murmur or similar soon; not only because we want to support free and open standards and software but also because Skype is less stable under Linux than it is under Windows. Also, we wanted to try it under Linux as its what DC was using originally for VOIP, hence keeping things easy for the callers and the crew.

    It would be great if anyone reading this running a IDJC-powered station could make yourself known and also hopefully take the time to mention what OS you run it under, what version of JACK and IDJC you use and what you use for VOIP? How reliable have you found IDJC and your chosen VOIP solution?


    • Brian Millham

      Brian Millham - 2013-06-14

      I'm the only DJ on the station that I'm a member of who uses IDJC. I don't use VOIP at this time (I have satellite internet, so the lag would probably be real bad, and the bandwidth usage also probably an issue)

      Running the latest IDJC (with a few custom tweeks I made) on Ubuntu 13.04 (3.8.0-23) 64bit. Jack2 with qjackctl. And I use Jackrack to add some compression.

      Do you use the Prokyon3 or Ampache library option? I have a request site that uses the Ampache database. When users make requests, they show up in a custom tab in IDJC.

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      • Daniel MacDonald

        Hi Brian!

        Thanks for your response! I'm hoping at least Stephen will also respond too as he's the only person who may have any kind of (rough) idea how many people or stations are using IDJC full time.

        Prokyon3 isn't officially supported by IDJC any more as I understand it and I've not tried Ampache as I'm not sure how we could benefit from it?

    • timfromtang

      timfromtang - 2013-09-19

      Greetings all,
      i run lubuntu 13.04, skype, and idjc from the repo''s version 0.8.8. jack version is the one installed by idjc on install from repos.

      Using it to broadcast my weekly "a new leaf ..." show on seeking solutions.

      This is an out of the box install with very little messing to get running, and runs lovely and stably, skype working well (provided skype is started before idjc). The secret here is that pulse audio is not installed by default in lubuntu i suggest.

      a friend has posted a how-to i wrote on this install here

      you tubes and other system noises are routed into the broadcaster too on the aux channel using the .asoundrc file


      VoIP plugin for the IDJC default profile.

      pcm.idjcvoip {
      type plug
      slave.pcm {
      type jack
      playback_ports {
      0 idjc_default:voip_in_l
      1 idjc_default:voip_in_r
      capture_ports {
      0 idjc_default:voip_out_l
      1 idjc_default:voip_out_r
      pcm.jack {
      type jack
      playback_ports {
      0 idjc_default:ch_in_3
      1 idjc_default:ch_in_4
      capture_ports {
      0 alsa_pcm:capture_1
      1 alsa_pcm:capture_2
      pcm.dmixout {
      # Just pass this on to the system dmix
      type plug
      slave {
      pcm "dmix"
      pcm.!default {
      type plug
      slave { pcm "jack" }

      I am really happy with this setup, it has worked out of the box on a variety of systems, and although i was the first host on MSI radio to use this linux system (others trapped in commercial sortware), we can now boast of 5 hosts regularly using linux for our broadcasts. Top satisfaction points would be ease of installation and setup, stability, integrated skype (many of our audience and guests use skype).

      one little niggle would be the unusual file naming scheme used by idjc for its recordings, but jus a niggle.



        i also run lubuntu 13.04, skype, and idjc from the repo''s version 0.8.8. jack version, installed with help from timfromtang. after a few weeks of doing radio shows, I am totally thrilled in the way it's smooth, flawless operation, allows me to join any sound throughout the computer, to the stream. No problems here at all.

         I started looking for a solution to Sam broadcaster

        when I noticed that most of the other broadcasters had
        continuing problems with the software crashes.
        and others having to pick up the stream. also skype is
        unstable with sam as well. having two resource hogs
        operating at the same time, is the problem, and windoze
        doesnt help. So, when i was just running sam alone,
        Sam crashed, or crashed when i stopped only one of my
        encoders. how do you keep sending stream to the other
        server when you have to reboot? You do not.

         I am totally thrilled at the operation, and

        dependability of IDJC. In addition, I noticed that my
        computer is not running near as hard. the computer fan is
        much quieter as well. Thus much better quality of audio
        on my microphone. No more fan noise in the background.
        So in finishing this up, Methinks this old 32 bit box
        of digital chips isn't near as bad as i was thinking.
        I was actually thinking of ending the radio hosting
        until i could afford a new computer. As it stands now.
        I can fight for freedom of the airwaves, and the worlds
        99% for a long time now. Mostly because of the gift of
        time, and help from timfromtang. Thanks bro.

         And to all of y'all, many good things to you and

        yours'. God bless, and stay safe.


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  • Daniel MacDonald

    I forgot to mention those details for ourselves!

    We're running IDJC under KX Studio 12.04.2 64-bit, with the Linux 3.8.0 kernel and JACK2, which are the defaults for KX Studio. We have up until now just been using the JACK dummy device driver as we have got by without using any mics physically connected to our IDJC servers.

    We're running a recent git build which is prob identical to the recent 0.8.9 release (I think). IDJC has a few small glitches still it seems but nothing major - it seems pretty stable on the whole and its Skype that is responsible for 99% of our problems. Skype is also the only bit of non open source software the station uses for broadcasting.

  • Stephen Fairchild

    How many IDJC stations? Over 9000!!! But seriously if I really cared I could have had IDJC phone home with that info if I were unethical like so many closed source vendors are which I am not.

  • zoschel

    zoschel - 2013-09-19

    My friends and I use idjc, together idjc 4. The system is Ubuntu stundio 13.04.
    We use Mumble (Free Voip sofware) and Slfphone to listeners in the program to bind a. Mumble with a patch Jackd, Slfphone (Voip Phone) on pulseaudio-jack pluging.

    This all works Great, better than fucking Skype
    I use IDJC since version 0.7..

    Last edit: zoschel 2013-09-19
  • daz

    daz - 2013-09-19

    slackware 14.0

    jackd version 0.121.3

    idjc 0.8.9


    QjackCtl: 0.3.9

    very stable

    5 other hosts now use IDJC

    we set up a skype group to assist new users get set up with IDJC and Linux. It makes the process of moving over to Linux a lot easier for new users. most of the other hosts are using lubuntu

    Last edit: daz 2013-09-19

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