record button on main screen wish

  • Johan

    Johan - 2012-05-07

    as a internetradio station we are making a lof ot interviews during streaming with idjc I like to have an record and stop button and if i put this on, the streamd file we be fade out and stop. This is different form the button in the output screen which is fine but for me not fine to record between streaming. maybe you can put it in the area of the track with the foldername i choosed before in output screen.. At this moment we have the mainscreen up and first we need to stop the musicfile and then go back to outputscreen to record this interview. after the interview we need to stop the record open the mainscreen and play back again out streamed files from the playlist. so a seperate record button will be great.

  • Stephen Fairchild

    This has already been posted in support requests.


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