Bruno Gravato - 2009-01-26

I was wondering... how do other idjc users do if they want to stream from audio cd with idjc?

I have a lot of audio cds and ripping all them would be very time and harddisk-space consuming... So sometimes it would be handy to be able to stream directly from a cd, without having to rip it before...

Here's my approach... What i usually do when I want to stream directly from audio cd is this:

1) I open the cd on xmms (using one of the audio-cd plugins for xmms)
2) Connect xmms output to idjc aux input (I already created an entry in jack's patchbay to automatically do this)
3) Turn on aux input on idjc
4) Play the track I want on xmms

The problems with this:
- too much stuff to click on and worry about such as one more app running on the screen
- can't use the crossfader or some other features on idjc (such as muting "listen" on the aux)
- no support for tag streaming from aux (the least of the problems)

Has anyone found a better approach?

Is reading/streaming directly from audio cds on the TODO list for next versions of idjc? (that is, if there are plans for further developing of this wonderful app)

Best regards,
Bruno Gravato.