#64 Buffering, but the status shows all green

v1.0 (example)

I'm not sure with that release this problem appeared, but I've noticed it in 0.8.12

In the past, I'd always know when listeners were going to experience buffering by the red line growing. When it hit all red and started blinking, buffering.

Now, the red line never appears, but my listeners complain of buffering. I was running IDJC from command line, and there was no indication there either, except it complaining that it was unable to get the listener count (timeout)

I even had one instance where the the stations AutoDJ kicked in (it only does that if there is no stream active) and I still had a full green bar. After about 5 seconds, the red bar appeared, got to about 25% and then I got the popup that the stream had disconnected. The popup happened probably 10-15 seconds after the listeners heard the AutoDJ.

I wish I could give you more info, or a way to reproduce the problem.

My internet connection is satellite (HughesNet) so it does have quite a bit of lag. But I can normally do a show with few problems.



  • Stephen Fairchild


    If I pull my DSL cable a good 15 seconds later the router will drop the undelivered packets and tell my machine about it. It is only then the red bar makes its way across suddenly.

    The bad news is net hardware buffers slurping up your packets but unable to deliver due to a bandwidth bottleneck can't be coded around inside the IDJC code base. As you can see my router swallows 15 seconds of packets and that's just the first node on the journey.

    But let's say you choose to do out of band inspection of the server. For it to be effective you would have to route the request on a radically different path e.g. dial-up to a modem a hundred miles away then bounce off a proxy server in Australia. It seems more trouble than it's worth.

    Ideally you want the server to contact you when a source gets disconnected. This is bandwidth friendly but suffers from having to go back over a bottleneck.

  • Brian Millham

    Brian Millham - 2014-01-15

    The reason why I reported this is that I used to get the red bar, giving me a very good indication of the network health, and it suddenly stopped working.

    But now thinking about it, we upgraded to the newer, faster HughesNet service. I wonder if the new HughesNet modem is the cause... As I think back, it was about the same time that I switched to the latest IDJC, so it's a good possibility that it is the modem causing it.

    Sorry for the false alarm!

  • Stephen Fairchild

    I would still like you to test the old version because regressions happen.

  • Stephen Fairchild

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