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2.0.21 RPMS for CentOS7 (x86_64) available.

Posted by mdte 2014-11-07

idcheck 2.0.21 released.

Changes for 2.0.21

Happy 21st release!

There are a number if fairly significant changes in this release. Implementors
are strongly encouraged to test it and provide feedback/bugs via the sourceforge
tracking thingy.

IPv6 support:

This version supports IPv6. IPv6 is to be considered experimental.
To use this version, you will need to install:


on debian there is a libnet-inet6glue-perl package that adds this module.
Here's a link:... read more

Posted by mdte 2014-11-07

idcheck 2.0.20 (released ages ago - forgot to post this)

Changes for 2.0.20

rpm (spec file): Build against apr-1 and set VERSION macro
(thanks to Stephen Grier).

- Fix handling of IdcheckAllowRegex by Kieran Whitbread

- Fix for nul characters added by recursive calls to apr_socket_recv.
- Fix DEBUG syslog line with no semi-colon.

Posted by mdte 2014-11-07

idcheck 2.0.19 released

Changes for 2.0.19

apache2 client:
- Added IdcheckRedirectURL that forces the idcheck server
to redirect elsewhere after authentication. You can set
it in any Location/Directory block:

<Directory ...>
Idcheck on

Thanks to Matt Bernstein for this.

- Added IdcheckUserRequestHeader. This can be used to
set a custom header in the input table to contain
the username. Some web applications (e.g. SOGo) might
want this. e.g.... read more

Posted by mdte 2009-12-14

idcheck 2.0.18 released.

Changes for 2.0.18 (very minor changes)

rpm (spec file): Define Group attribute for all the sub packages.

perl server: Fix spurious error message about invalid preregistration request.

I've also built the various idcheck RPMs for x86_64. If that doesn't suit your arch then you can build your own from the source tarball using rpmbuild -ta idcheck.X.tar.gz. Note that the idcheck RPMs have been split into several packages since 2.0.16.... read more

Posted by mdte 2009-10-05

idcheck: 2.0.16 released.

Contains a minor fix to pam_idcheck that is only useful if you are using pam_idcheck and have your server running on a strange TCP port.

Also the RPM spec file now creates several different packages instead of one.

Posted by mdte 2009-01-21

idcheck: 2.0.15 released.

Cookie based web authentication and single sign on system for largish intranets under a single domain where many, untrusted, people run their own web services. The server uses a private cookie scoped only for the client browser and the idcheck webserver.

Contains a fix to set IDCHECK_VALUE environment variable correctly on the first request after authentication.

Posted by mdte 2008-11-24

idcheck 2.0.14 released.

Contains a fix for a seg fault if IDCHECK_VALUE environment variable used with mod_python. Thanks to David Pick.

Posted by mdte 2007-07-16

idcheck 2.0.13 released.

Minor bugfixes and an improved tomcat client.

Posted by mdte 2007-05-23

idcheck 2.0.12 released.

Support for tomcat fronted by apache2 client. Improved pam client + other minor changes.

Posted by mdte 2006-09-02

idcheck 2.0.11 released.

Contains a security fix for the experimental

Posted by mdte 2006-06-03

Idcheck 2.0.10 released.

Support for apache 2.2.

Posted by mdte 2006-05-27

idcheck 2.0.8 released.

2.0.8 contains a fix for users who want to protect php enabled pages with mod_idcheck.c and want apache logging to accuratly reflect the http response.

Posted by mdte 2005-12-20

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