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Demo How to

Link Qian


1, JDK 1.5 or higher version
2, ANT 1.6 or higher version
3, MySQL server 5 or higher version
besides this, you make sure that java, ant and mysql commands can be find in path of shell.


1, download the source code from here http://sourceforge.net/projects/id2d/files/idata-src-0.1-beta.zip/download. extract the package into any directory expected. the directory structure should be.


   \|-- src

   \|-- build.xml

   \|-- build.properties

2, on the directory, there are two files, build.xml kick off compile source and package the jar file. build.properties file contains come property used by build.xml

3, modify the property item project.base.dir, specify the source directory extracted in. for example,


4, after config the build.properties file, kick off the ant task.
or $ ant build

Run Demo

1, place Mysql jdbc driver into lib directory

2, use mysql client to execute the table creation and data preparation script, src/sql/demo.sql
mysql> use test;
mysql> source demo.sql;

3, kick off the demo with ANT
$ ant demo

4, after the demo execute successfully, check the table name
mysql> select count(1) from copy_demo_table;

the query should output 11 rows.