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Subject: Re: [icu-support] Question regarding ICU 3.4 C and C++ test frameworks

what is the information that you require?  
> I am looking at using the test frameworks for testing the ICU library with some customized features in it. The plan is looking at the extensibility of the test frameworks for testing the added features or fixed bugs.Any documents of the C and C++ test frameworks would be extremely helpful. My understanding is that the existing C and C++ test frameworks cover all the API's and functionality in the library; however there are minimal test data used for testing the charset conversion; this is where I would also like to expand. Also wondering what would be the best approach in extending the test frameworks? 
For running the tests, you can use 'make check' on Unix or just run the tests on Win32. 
> Our testing will be performed on Macintosh 10.4 and XP Pro and other Unix flavors. Our development team had port the library's codes to these platforms.
If you are looking into adding new tests to the suite, you should probably examine the test code and see what we are doing. We do not consider the test suite supported on the source level. However, I'd be happy to answer any concrete questions that you may have.  
> Refer to my respond above. 

On 10/26/05, Hongchau Tran <htran@adobe.com> wrote:
I was trying to find documents which have details about the ICU 3.4 C and C++ test frameworks. I was browsing the users' guide but unable to find any information regarding the test frameworks.
Wondering if you can provide me with some pointers on how to get these information.
<ICU>/source/test/intltest/ A test suite including all C++ APIs. For information about running the test suite, see the users' guide.
<ICU>/source/test/cintltst/ A test suite written in C, including all C APIs. For information about running the test suite, see the users' guide.

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