Dog-eared document-like thumbnail icons

  • Marc Nothrop

    Marc Nothrop - 2007-04-06


    I was just wondering if there were still plans to integrate the patches from Mike Margolis, for creating shadowed, dog-eared document-like thumbnail icons?

    I would really like to point a developer I'm 'working with' (i.e. not so much 'work' involved on my part!) to IconFamily, but that 'document-like' style of icon would be preferable to the simple image preview, as it would hopefully allow the creating app to badge the icon, to inform the user which app will open the file.

    If the support's (almost) there, it seems to me it would make IconFamily even more desirable to developers -- but nonetheless, thanks very much for all of the effort you've put in, to offer this much.   : )

    • Troy Stephens

      Troy Stephens - 2007-05-19

      Hi Marc,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Much to my shame, I received the generous "dog-earing" patch from Mike, er, several years ago, and didn't end up folding the changes in at the time over some [in hindsight dumb] concern I had about what the scope of functionality for the class should be.  I probably still have the diffs somewhere, it's just a matter of making the time to dig them up, incorporate them, re-test them, and put together another release.  Unfortunately time is in especially short supply at the moment due to other obligations, but I can see making that my next task if/when I find time to put into the project again.



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