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  • KavaSoft

    KavaSoft - 2009-08-29


    We're using IconFamily in five of our shipping applications. We'd like to convert all of our applications to 64-bit, but those that link to IconFamily won't compile for x86_64.

    Am I correct that IconFamily is simply a wrapper for Carbon code that will stay 32-bit, so there isn't be a way to compile the framework as 64-bit? Are compiling for 64-bit and creating custom icons mutually exclusive? Are there any possible workarounds?

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  • Peter Hosey

    Peter Hosey - 2010-01-09

    The only API that IconFamily 0.9.3 uses that isn't available on 64-bit is Scrap Manager. I've just committed a change I wrote back in 2008 to replace the Scrap Manager code with NSPasteboard code. Thus, IconFamily (trunk HEAD) is now 64-bit clean.

  • Troy Stephens

    Troy Stephens - 2010-01-11

    Thank you boredzo for the 64-bit changes, and my apologies to Andrew for not noticing his question sooner.  Indeed, replacing the Scrap Manager API usage was the main obstacle to 64-bit compatibility.

    I'll try to package these changes up into a 0.9.4 source release soon, but in the meantime the trunk sources appear good and stable, and can be obtained using svn:

    svn co https://iconfamily.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/iconfamily/trunk


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