Welcome to the Icon Collection

Dean S. Jones started this Icon collection back in 1998 in hopes that it would be useful to the Java developer community. Since then, he's become involved with other things, and his collection, used in a large number of projects, Open Source and commercial, stopped growing.

Then, in October of 2000, I tried to donate some icons to the collection at:


but couldn't due to my message to him bouncing. After attempting to reach Jones-san via the forum at:


I applied for a CVS account, and uploaded the icons myself. Soon after that, I was contacted by several other people who had been monitoring the icon collection, and they sent me more icons to add to the collection. Before I knew it, I had become the caretaker for the icon collection.

I did get a hold of Jones-san once. I asked if he had any plans to manage his collection, and he said that he'd like to. But then, he never followed through with it, as I got several more contributions from people saying that they never heard back from him - even with the e-mail address that I had successfully contacted him with.

Then, a couple of months ago, one contributor suggested that I open a SourceForge project for the icons. After all, the icons (gif and png formats) could be used in more applications than just Java based ones. No arguement from me there. So, I set out to try to contact Jones-san again - to get permission to move his collection completly over to SourceForge.

Well, to make a long story short, I never heard back from him. And since he specifies on the page that he wrote back in 1998 that the icon collection - as a collection - cannot be put on other sites, I'm forced to use this as a central place to let a broader audience know about the icon collection at:


and to act as a central location to discuss the icons, announce what you're doing with them, and hopefully help make it easier to contribute more icons to an ever growing community.

I tend to be as long winded as a polititian when I start writing, and since I can't stand politics, I'll step down from my pedastool now.

I look forward to hearing from you all, and especially seeing the icon collection community grow.

Posted by Michael Westbay 2001-01-24

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