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A couple of usage questions

  • v_ewert

    v_ewert - 2006-03-07

    I am interested in using these icons in a project, but have a couple of questions:

    1. How do I properly give credit for using the icons?

    2. Am I allowed to modify them?

    Thanks for you help.

    • v_ewert

      v_ewert - 2006-03-08

      Thanks for your reply. A guess a more basic question might be, am I allowed to use these icons (or ones modified from these) in an OpenSource project? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm a newbie at this OpenSource thing.

      • Michael Westbay

        Michael Westbay - 2006-03-08

        Here is what the original creator of the collection wrote:

        --- begin ---
        This is a quick page to preview the icons I am creating for some of my Java(TM) programs. You are free to use them in your programs, but I am retaining Copyright, and they can not be used in any books, CD-ROM's, Web pages, or any other form of image collection without my consent. I ask that if you do use them to drop me some e-mail at, also, if a screen shot of your application using these icons is available I will add a link to it from this page. I would please me greatly if you would add a little blurb in something like a ``Help about..'' screen like:

        Icons Copyright(C) 1998 by Dean S. Jones

        The collection is somewhat small now, but I will continue to add to it. Send me mail if you would like something added. I hope to create a library of standard icons for many applications to use, I would like for these icons to be the default icons for most Java(TM) freeware and JFA Applications. These icons are all 20x20 pixels, and look best at high color and high resolutions. The ``by hand'' anti-aliasing I did looks best on a standard gray background. I plan to produce a 16x16 subset. I am working on some Swing based icon management tools and an icon editor that can deal with alpha channels properly. The following image is a grid of the current icons. A web browser may dither the image somewhat, so there may be some artifacts. I look forward to your feedback.
        Dean S. Jones
        --- end ---

        The site no longer exists, but you should still credit Dean S. Jones as the copyright owner.

      • Michael Westbay

        Michael Westbay - 2006-03-08

        Yes, you may use the icons with open and closed source applications.

        I need to find the backup I'd made of the JavaLobby site. The original license was BSD with the addition that you had to give credit to the original creator and point to the JavaLobby Icon Collection site (which no longer exists).

        For now, just hold a spot in your project/application documentation for that information while I look for my backup.

    • Michael Westbay

      Michael Westbay - 2006-03-07

      Regarding attribution is actually a rather difficult question. I've been unable to contact the original author of the icon collection to have the attibution wording changed to not require pointing to the old JavaLobby site that no longer exists. It makes more sense to point to the SourceForge site - but I have no idea how that would be handled legally. (Besides that, due to lack of activity, the SourceForge project is in danger of being purged soon.)

      To answer the second question, YES, please feel free to modify the icons, add more, etc. When I first started with the collection, that's what I did, using the original ones as a base, copying an icon then changing its color, size, etc.


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