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iColorFolder future development

As you may have noticed, iColorFolder didn't have much activity in the past two years. I didn't followed the projet, partly because I kept Windows XP (instead of Vista, so no work on Vista compatibility), partly because I work on a Mac for one year.

So this is time to move along. iColorFolder has always been Open Source, but maybe it needs to be more developer-friendly to attract the patches and bugfixes. So I just set up an SVN repository, that contains all iCF source-code. You can checkout the most recent sources anonymously at :
https://icolorfolder.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/icolorfolder/... read more

Posted by KemenAran 2008-09-30

iColorFolder 1.4.1

Flyakite and me worked together this days to offer you an even better version of iColorFolder.
We spoted and fixed a lot of bugs, and now everything should work as expected.

First the new feature : you can customize the icon of drives. However, due to poor Windows refresh system, changes will only take effect after a reboot. I've also updated the Windows XP skin, which is now available in high resolution (up to 128*128), thanks to XPero icons and Flyakite work.... read more

Posted by KemenAran 2006-02-23

iColorFolder 1.4

iColorFolder 1.4 is online, and you should like it.
To begin, the program has been entirely rewritten in C++ ; thus the .NET Framework is no more needed. Then, Flyakite told me how to do to take in count the changes to the folder immediately ; you don't need anymore to refresh Explorer view to see the new color or icon of a folder. Finally, about the skins, the Vista skin has been updated, with the help of Nobo. The SnowE2 skin has been removed from the default pack, and been replaced by the gorgeous Agua skin, made by Ced with David Lanham's icons.

Posted by KemenAran 2006-02-19

Update : iColorFolder 1.1

Mankin recently asked me to add a little eature to iColorFolder : he wanted to be able to change the default icon of his files. I tried to implement this, and here is the result : iColorFolder adds now a little option in the Context menu of every file, nammed "Change icon". When clicking on it, you can select any icon of your choice, which change the icon of all the files of the same type than the clicked file. Small but useful ^^

Posted by KemenAran 2005-09-03

iColorFolder 1.0

Here is the 1.0 version of iColorFolder. This release adds some cool features, mainly :
* A Skin Selector
* The customization of the "generic" folder icon
* The ability to use any icon to customize a folder
* A new skin system, cleaner and more simple than before
* Two new skins included in the package, Longhorn and Snow.E2

Download it from the File Release section.

Have fun !

Posted by KemenAran 2005-07-10

iColorFolder english website

The Home page of iColorFolder has been translated in english, so now it will be easier to download the english version of iCF.
I'm now working on the 0.9 upcoming release, which will add new major functionnalities and changes.

Posted by KemenAran 2005-06-26

iColorFolder hosted at Sourceforge

iColorFolder is now on Sourceforge, as an Open-Source tool. The website is up (in French only, English will be added soon), and you can download the software from Sourceforge or from my personnal server.

Posted by KemenAran 2005-05-15