x64 problem

  • Randall Flagg

    Randall Flagg - 2006-08-24

    I just installed ICF on my x64 and I can't see the options on the right click menu. any solution?

    • Stevie

      Stevie - 2007-07-09

      indeed, a 64 bit version would be very cool.
      is the software developed further anyway?
      would be a shame if not...

    • WeyrleaderZor

      WeyrleaderZor - 2007-12-22

      A 64-bit version would be awesome. Is Windows XP-64 (and Vista I suppose) that shoddy that you can't run 32-bit applications in the 64-bit OS? Every other 64-bit OS I've used has support for the lower architecture libraries to be used... I know from playing a 'release candidate' for XP64 that it couldn't (at that time). It took a "soft reboot" into 32-bit to use 32-bit apps (which was a pain since Macromedia/Adobe flash technology was still only 32-bit at the time and that's all but required for web browsing on far too many commonly used sites).

      Is there any chance that we'll see a 64-bit version of this application?

    • trev trev

      trev trev - 2008-02-08

      I've just created an account to post this :)
      I'd also really appreciate a x64 version - this application has been *very* helpful in organising my workflow, and I wouldnt mind donating if it helped encourage you to further develop and support this brilliant piece of software.

    • Jules Ward

      Jules Ward - 2008-04-24

      I'd also like an xp64 version. Since the last version was released over 2 years ago, I guess this will never happen though :-(

    • Anonymous - 2008-11-09


      These symptoms occur because a 64-bit process that runs on a computer that is running an x64-based version of Windows cannot load the 32-bit .dll files that are required by some program features.


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