iColorFolder ruined my Win 2k Install

  • Sam_Owens

    Sam_Owens - 2006-04-01

    I downloaded from Majorgeeks yesterday. Did the install on my secondary machine (Thanks God) and it removed every icon form my desktop and jeez everywhere else: control panel, explorer...you name it. Well I had a very recent backup image (Thank God !) so I recovered. I realize that a programmer can't prgram for everyone but this is some BAD software.

    Sam Owens

    • Sam_Owens

      Sam_Owens - 2006-04-01

      Sorry about all the bad spellings.

    • zilexa

      zilexa - 2006-04-12

      Never had any trouble here, works just fine. This is one of the best software!

    • Sam_Owens

      Sam_Owens - 2006-04-13

      Well What can I say besides you're a ringer for the software author

    • Jerrad Pierce

      Jerrad Pierce - 2006-07-23

      I have had no problems with on my win2k box either, indeed I was coming back to suggest that the website be changed to indicate that iColorFolder works with Win2k and is not XP specific.

    • tinky-winky

      tinky-winky - 2006-08-03

      The same happend to me! With XP.
      But I have no Backup. Sh...

      Who knows how to undo this? I uninstalled IColorFolder but nothing changes.
      It seems to me like the icon size is reduced to 0.
      Please help!!!!

    • MarcoA108

      MarcoA108 - 2006-09-27

      Hope you solved it by now... in any case it happened to me too. I solved it by setting with regedit the following key in the registry (for advanced users..)

      HKCU/Control Panel/Desktop/WindowMetrics/Shell Icon Size

      to the value 32

      and the following

      HKCU/Control Panel/Desktop/WindowMetrics/Shell Small Icon Size

      to the value 16

      • MarcoA108

        MarcoA108 - 2006-09-27

        By the way, this proggie has the bad behavior of not removing registry entries created at the install during uninstall. Use a registry cleaner to get rid of them (I personally use CCleaner)

    • virkelie

      virkelie - 2006-12-16

      iColorFolder also ruined my WinXP install.

      As with the first poster above, "it removed every icon form my desktop and jeez everywhere else: control panel, explorer...you name it."

      After at least 10 re-starts, changing options back and forth in the settings and appearance tabs of display properties, finally got back my icons by uninstalling and reinstalling my video card driver.

    • Thomas Fischer

      Thomas Fischer - 2007-01-20

      I've had the same dissappearing Icon problem with this Software.

      IColorFolder was installed by the Flyakite MacOSX Bundle.

      After I had changed the Icon Size with "Fliakite MacOSX-> Tools -> CurrentUserSettings -> IconSize" they all came back.


    • Freddy611

      Freddy611 - 2007-05-05

      I have not had any problems with my installation on WinXP. I never installed it on my win2k machine though. I guess there are some compatibility issues with win2k

    • PsiKnife

      PsiKnife - 2007-11-24

      I tried this in Windows XP because I wanted to just change the look of a some folders but I ended up changing every folder on my system to this CrystalXP thing. I installed the latest iColorFolder, and then the skin packs. Anyways, now my Operating System Tool bars aren't rendering properly (blank pieces where texture is lost like bad video memory in a game) and everything is running slower. I'm sure there's a way to fix it but now I'm only interested in undoing it all and going back to normal. Is this possible?

      Whoever knows that can shed some light here would be cool.

    • Mick

      Mick - 2007-11-29

      I downloaded iColorFolder yesterday and installed it today.  I have XP Home SP2.  After exploring a little I came to the "Generic folder icon (all sessions) selection.  I found that if I selected the "Use generic folder icon defined in the skin" option and clicked on "Apply" & "OK" all my folder icons  changed.  However, rather than panic I simply selected the "Windows XP" skin and all was back to normal.


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