iCF removed all my icons

  • mbox

    mbox - 2008-03-03

    I got the same stuff ...
    Thanks for your help!!!

    • mbox

      mbox - 2008-03-03

      sorry, found the solution in a previous post :

      "RE: iColorFolder ruined my Win 2k Install
      By: MarcoA108 (marcoa108) - 2006-09-27 19:56
      Hope you solved it by now... in any case it happened to me too. I solved it by setting with regedit the following key in the registry (for advanced users..)

      HKCU/Control Panel/Desktop/WindowMetrics/Shell Icon Size 

      to the value 32

      and the following

      HKCU/Control Panel/Desktop/WindowMetrics/Shell Small Icon Size 

      to the value 16

      then tweakUI and "rebuild icon"


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