Vista Compatibility

  • usasma

    usasma - 2006-12-13

    I have installed this program on Windows Vista and it doesn't work as intended.

    But, there's not a real problem with this - I just select customize in the folder options and drill down to the ifolder directory and use the .dll located there to customize my folders.  Not as elegant as the XP version - but it works!

    • battledingo

      battledingo - 2007-07-20

      It didn't work on my version of vista. All folders turn into a crap icon.

    • KemenAran

      KemenAran - 2008-09-30

      I made tests a looong time ago (on a Longhorn beta, I think), and iCF was not working because of a missing registry key in Vista. The iCF code handled this case badly, and stayed in a confused state instead of just creating the missing key.

      This could propably be solved easily. After this, maybe there would be some other compatibility issues...

  • Stuart Axon

    Stuart Axon - 2010-02-05

    @kemenaran_ care to enlighten us on what the registry key is?  Now we have the source we can make a new release if we know the fix.


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