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Project Restart

After almost 6 years, we are back to develop a system to research asynchronous communications, assembly development for x86-64 and generally new or non-mainstream operating system concepts.

Stay tuned for more development!

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-19

JIT (Just-In-Time)

Yes, the new model we have designed use a little bit more advanced and simpler to code for techniques. We have now introduced a JIT-assembler inside the system core and we will soon write our own assembler (nasm syntax) that will support JIT-ready assembling.

Stay tuned for more details! (or visit our developer's webiste at http://axis4.dhs.org/\)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-01-27

Let's show them we are right!

Guys on the V2_OS project are slowing down their project. They believe they have better ideas. They claim that VOiD is not that good. Let's proove them we have THE system!

Posted by Jacques Mony 2001-01-22

RM Portal, strike II

eheh, yeah.. strike II.

Tip: don't use only a cpu emulator to test your code, and don't rely only on Intel's books.

Alright, finally made the rm portal working on a real pc. Seems bochs liked it too much at some point :P

Have fun, try it and tell me if you have any other problem :)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-01-17

ICS now working!

Yes, Daboy have given himself the opportunity yet once again to prouve that he is up to the challenge. He has been able to make ICS work as of late yesterday at night. We may now start using the various ICS functions :)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-01-05

RM Portal!

Isn't it nice! We got our own RealMode portal now :)

Please update your sources, the realmode portal is using IID 6 (__IID_RM_Portal__) and is located in src/modules/rm_portal/

Posted by Anonymous 2001-01-05

4th Axis, haven't stop'd!

hi all,

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a really good New Year party :)

I'm back, yes, after 14 days of waking up at 0430 to go and kick the ass of a prisoner I was assigned to watch over the holiday season. My duty is now finish, and I now have access to the internet again !

I've seen you've kept yourselves busy, which I greatly appreciate. Thanks a lot guys, we can now continue the work (at least for me!)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-01-03

A little New Year surprise!

eheh, withouth revealing all the secrets, we are working toward a special New Year surprise for you! Search around, ask questions, be imaginative, communicative and you might have some previews.. stay tuned! :)

btw, I'll probably be back on Jan 3rd, so you might see the surprise either before me or as soon as I come back..OOps.. did I said too much?!? ;)

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-21

Merry Christmas!

Hi, I would like to take these few bytes of data to wish you a merry christmas everybody!

I will not be around from December 22nd to January 3rd and Jmony will also be missing. So please bare with us during that period. We will make sure to get some rest and come full of energy for you :)

So have fun, get yourself some good time, and don't drink if you plan to drive!

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-20

Task manager

we have (daboy in particular) reorganized the whole task manager. Instead of creating large section with too many task, we have now a clear system with definite sub-projects, one for each module.

Please make sure to check the various task that are open and join the ones you can help on.

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-10

stay tuned!

We have modified the internal behavior of the system. The module manager is now a module/ICS/PID server. It is a more complete module with which you may now create communication channels as proposed by daboy.

The sources are still under edition, but if everything goes fine, we should have a basic system working by tomorrow night!

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-09

Getting some attention!

Believe it or not, it seems that we are attracting some attention!


Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-06

New proposal, please check the Docs section

A new proposal for the Component manager have been released in the Docs section, please make sure to read it and give back comment about what you think of it.

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-03

Coding, well under Way!

I've been coding a "bit" this saturday and things turned out pretty well. discussions were at a max level on both the forum and the developper's mailing list. It was awesome (and still is!)

The CVS sources have been updated. They now contain the temporary startup memory module. Both the allocate/deallocate function work (still need a bit of work but they are serviceable).

The get_lock and free_lock also work and the unload function have been coded but not yet tested.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2000-12-03


Yes, we have passed the 85% barrier ;) Thanks to all of you guys who work hard in there. I'm really busy, but I really look close to what is done. Don't worry, I'll try to find some time to code :)

Posted by Jacques Mony 2000-12-02


alright, undernet.org, like efnet is too busy, too many people, too many netsplits.

Been having 4 or 5 minutes ping reply with the other continents, that can't work like that in real-time chats.


That's the new server we are using. It's also the only server you can connect to from your SourceForge ssh shell account. Pings seems to be good and we haven't yet been netsplitted.

While it's true that less asm programmers are there, I'm using irc not to recruit (even if it's a side-effect), but to heavily discuss certain subject.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2000-11-30

Forum, ML, IRC


since many people seems to prefer various communication medium, starting today all post done on the ML will be also posted (by me) on the Forum and all post in the forum will be fowared to the mailing lists.

As for IRC, it should be used as a idea generator where discussion may take place in real-time etc. But a summary of the discussion should be sent to either/both the mailing list and/or the forum.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2000-11-29

CVS ready!

Yes! The CVS repository is ready and containing the right files!

I will work on a little doc on how to use it later... no you can at least go there and download the sources...

Posted by Jacques Mony 2000-11-27


It's going great!

We have the following translation under progress:
- french
- spanish
- portuguese
- esperanto
- italian
- german

Isn't that great? I find it awesome. :)

Posted by Anonymous 2000-11-25

1619 and still going up!

yes, we are going up in activity rating!

We have a few active forums, a couple active mailing list, and docs rocking, so let's continue climbing up and bring that project to the top 500 by the end of december!

Posted by Anonymous 2000-11-25

coding is soon to start heavily...

yes, only a few more specs are needed. The thread engine, and a few other modules, please consult the post in the axis4-dev mailing list.

I'm writing up the code for 4th Axis memory manager this weekend and probably working around a temporary module manager so that we can start coding up. More to follow.

btw, check out that little image, it's funny how non-related things can sometime be "related" somehow :P... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2000-11-24

axis4.org online!

Yes, axis4.org is now online!

You can mail info@axis4.org... this will be our info-line :)

I can't give you all an axis4.org email account, sorry... it costs 9$ per account...

Posted by Jacques Mony 2000-11-23

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