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iCFPS v3.1 RC1 Released

After quite a lot of work, and new features, iCFPS v3.1 RC1 has been released!

So far, it appears to be one of the most (if not the most) stable release so far.

That said, it is slower than any previous releases, due to the additional features, and the flat-file database.

Download iCFPS v3.1 RC1:

Posted by David 2006-11-15

iCFPS v3.05 Final Instructions

I overlooked the fact that not everyone has used iCFPS before, and knows what to CHMOD.

Instructions have been added to the ZIP.

Anyone who has downloaded 3.05 before Sunday 27th of August, should read the Release notes for the instructions.


Posted by David 2006-08-27

iCFPS 3.05 Final Released

The very last of the iCFPS3 series has been released.

It is not the long-in-development 3.1, but a Development Release of 3.1

It is assured to be stable, and far, far, less buggy then the last release.


Posted by David 2006-08-23

iCFPS v3.01Gamma Release

I have finally released v3.01Gamma!
(more info at http://icfps.sf.net\)

Posted by Anonymous 2005-04-08

iCFPS Forums

For up-to-the minute news, releases, etc, vist the official iCFPS forums

Posted by Anonymous 2004-11-12

0.8 / 1.0

iCFPS 0.8 Has Just Been Released!

iCFPS 1.0 will be released in about 2 days time!!!

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-24


v0.8 Beta Will be released in a few days!
It will have added features such as:
- Easy One Site Option
- compressing of the .txt files
- Any little gizmo I can get to fit in!

We can't wait untill iCFPS v1.0 is redy to be released!

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-21

0.6 Released

iCFPS v0.6Beta was released on 21st september 04.
go to Files for a update list

Posted by Anonymous 2004-09-21