#13 "startup" not executed



the "startup" script which is mentioned in the
manpage/html pages (~/.icewm/startup) is not executed
when I -- or more precisely -- XDM/KDM starts icewm.
I found out that startup is executed when
"icewm-session" is, but unfortunately, icewm-session is
not executed for my distribution (SuSE 9.1
Professional). Furthermore, they packaged icewm-session
into a "icewm-gnome" subpackage (there is also
"icewm-default" and "icewm" (base)). Since I do not use
GNOME, and as such don't have that installed, so is the
icewm-gnome package.
Anyway, even with icewm-gnome package I seriously doubt
that KDM/XDM would start icewm-session, since *DM
simply execute /usr/X11R6/bin/<NameOfTheWm>, and that
location in X11R6/bin can't be changed, i.e. if your
filename differs from the name of the WM, you're screwed.

Blah, to sum it up, startup is not run. And here's a
[not perfect, if I may add] patch to fix it.


  • Adam Pribyl

    Adam Pribyl - 2004-08-17

    Logged In: YES

    I do not think this is good idea. icewm binary is window
    manager itself, icewm-session is designed to process all
    session stuff. You should be able modify starting scripts in
    your distro (as all *DMs are using some kind of scripts
    structure like /etc/X11/gdm). Also you should notice the
    packager of your distro of this problem.

    BTW: KDE is started by "startkde", gnome is started by
    "gnome-session", though *DM can hardly start only
    ..bin/<nameofwm>. If it is not somehow modified in SuSE...

  • Eduard Bloch

    Eduard Bloch - 2004-08-17

    Logged In: YES

    I disagree too. The distributor is the only one to blame for
    your problems, and icewm package itself is easy
    customiseable. And it provides enough documentation to do it
    right. And the change has been announced often enough.

    Please submit your bug report to the SuSE maintainer, (s)he
    should care more. They can get Debian's .desktop files (for
    recent KDM/GDM) from

  • Anonymous - 2004-08-17

    Logged In: YES

    Yeah I really wondered too, because on some SuSE
    installations, the default icewm theme is shown (cyan
    windows-like background, gray theme). Must be my
    ~/.icewm/preferences maybe. I'll go and check that.

  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2004-10-17
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • Marko Macek

    Marko Macek - 2006-08-06
    • labels: 310626 -->
  • Jan Engelhardt

    Jan Engelhardt - 2006-08-06

    Logged In: YES

    Fixed downstream (in SUSE Linux) long time ago.
    (Bugzilla #64116)


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