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#273 "on top" shortcut or command

Tri Le

Is there a keyboard shortcut or command to toggle window "on top"? If not, I'd like to make it a feature request.


  • ibidem

    ibidem - 2010-12-06

    Sounds like icesh. It's a CLI utility to change stuff like layer, etc.
    Try running it with no arguments for more info; it is rather hard to understand.
    I believe it requires the WM_CLASS; a script could grap that with xprop, I think.
    Then you'd need to configure 'keys' to bind a shortcut.
    Doable, but NOT easy...
    I'll see when I have a chance.

    And the key sequence with no tweaks is:
    Alt-space; L (underlined char in Layer); T
    Probably not helpful.

  • ibidem

    ibidem - 2010-12-08

    "icesh -window focus setLayer 6"
    will do half of it.
    "icesh -window focus setLayer 4" will switch back to Normal layer;
    but that isn't a toggle.
    xprop won't show GNOME window layer, so how do we do this?
    I'd like to request a way to show layer.

  • Tri Le

    Tri Le - 2010-12-08

    Thanks. At least now I can assign different shortcuts for toggling "on top" state. I agree that it would be nice to tell the layer state somehow.

  • Marius Feraru

    Marius Feraru - 2010-12-08

    > xprop won't show GNOME window layer
    it does, check the _NET_WM_STATE atom

  • Tri Le

    Tri Le - 2010-12-08

    I think I found a way to toggle "on top" state (see the attached script below). Simply assign a shortcut to the script and restart icewm. "xprop" is required and it's in xorg-utils package (for archlinux). "yad" can be replaced by other dialog program such as zenity or xdialog or just remove it.

  • Tri Le

    Tri Le - 2010-12-09

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