#837 winoptions: geometry does not work but startMaximized does

icewm-1.2 (683)

I want to control startup size and position of an application I use (JASSPA MicroEmacs http://jasspa.com/\) and have set up the following line in ~/.icewm/winoptions:

MicroEmacs.startMaximized: 1

This works ok. Then I commented the line and inserted this:

MicroEmacs.geometry: 78x56+804-3
(Note: The size is measured in xterm-characters and not in pixels)

After a restart of IceWM (btw. I use Debian Lenny, i.e. IceWM 1.2.35) the behaviour is as follows:
Either I get a very tiny (approx 50x50 pixels) window that is flipping its size very fast and causing the X server to use all CPU time
I get a ridiculously huge window of 399x399+807+1115.

Btw.: I stepped through the source of MicroEmacs and am wondering why the following call returns 0 in my situation:
XrmGetResource( rdb,"MicroEmacs.geometry" ,"MicroEmacs.Geometry" ,&retType,&retVal)
which means that the resource is not found. I would expect the MicroEmacs.geometry resource to be set by IceWM.


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