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IceTea 1.3

IceTea 1.3 is now up for grabs

-I hopefully fixed the auto id bug once for all (had only problems with .bin files)

-You can also now change the manual game id without recompiling the whole manual
go to manual->patch game id

-and I implemented proper toc handling.
In previous versions it would only implement the toc informations from a ccd file, now it also looks for a .toc file in the same directory as the iso (make sure it has the same suffix as the iso)... read more

Posted by Thomas Klein 2007-02-05

IceTea 1.1

IceTea 1.1 is now available :)

In this release I focused on usability :
Autodetect game id from ISO (thanks to SeattleMan from for providing me his PSX game id database

I also added a progress bar when you extract a ISO or compile a Eboot

Last but not least I fixed a little glitch which prevented the eboot compilation window to respond to windows which in turn made windows think it's crashed when in reality it isnt... read more

Posted by Thomas Klein 2007-01-31

IceTea 1.0

IceTea 1.0 is now available for download
Download it here:

Posted by Thomas Klein 2007-01-28

Welcome to sourceforge

I'm currently in the process of porting over the code to the Sourceforge SVN as well as doing other important things you have to do when you're adding a new project

IceTea has now all the features I want for the initial release and is also pretty useable by now.
Still I have to polish up some things before release date.
Won't take to long ;)

Posted by Thomas Klein 2007-01-24