oab1 - 2013-01-15

Random FAQ:
There is alot more information available as http://owenberesford.me.uk/resource/iceline-project

I pushed the first version from my SVN to the FS GIT server at 00:30 my time. I think this is all the files one needs, but I may need to add a few. I will check this out tomoz, and attempt to use it as a CMS.

q1) Why is the htaccess like that?
a1) To make it easier for windows people to get a handle on it. Assuming you are using Apache, please rename to normal fashion.

q2) There are some random pages, whut?
a2) I deleted most of my blog site from the git, but there may be some extra stuff checked in.

q3) um, docs would be nice
a3) pls read http://owenberesford.me.uk/resource/iceline-project

q4) Why do some of the files start with a numeral?
a4) My very simple class loader compiles classes in the order it finds them on the hd, the numerals enforce an order that makes sense to the compiler. Version 2.3 will improve this.

q5) That config file, is scary.
a5) Not really a question. Better versions of this software will not have the executable stubs in the config. TBU pls wait for me to complete version 2.3, which will be better structured.

q6) What are the requirements (version of PHP etc)?
a6) This requires 5.3, on the basis this is the oldest supported edition of PHP. The code will 95% run on 5.1.X. I haven't added namespace support/PS, which I would like to, to allow older interpreters to work.

q7) When do I get proper test cases, so I can 'make test'.
a7) This is one of my objectives for 2.3...

q8) What are the library dependencies?
a8.1) The published version requires text_wiki installed. If a db is needed, iceline requires PDO (but otherwise doesn't use it).
a8.2) The next edition has better code management, and comes with optional modules. Pls see docs when I have written them,

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