Randy Berdan - 2006-07-17

I can't seem to be able to get the ID3 MDF stuff working.

I have verified that I have the latest id3lib installed and have compiled icegenerator with the --with-id3 flag:
root@wels5> rpm -qa | grep id3

When I use any of the sample MDF instruction sets I don't see any ID3 information come through on the player.

If I try to use
PRINT "Hello World"

Just to see soemthing, icegenerator segmenatation faults after just a few seconds. If my MDF includes in PRINT ID3TAG statements, I don't get the segmenatation fault, but I also don't get any additional meta data.

If anyone can offer some advise I would really appreciate it.  There doesn't seem to be any usefully debugging information available to give me any clue what IceMetal is doing.