JustinLMiller - 2005-06-21

I've got icegenerator working no problems, it's a great piece of software.  My only problem is that I can't get any sort of meta data down the pipe.  XMMS just shows the radio name, I get absolutely no other information. 

I'm using one of the sample loops from the documentation in my mdf file just to try and get some sort of output but I'm not even getting an echo of the "This is a global test".  My libid3 is running the latest revision (3.8.3), the tags on the MP3s are legit, and I'm running out of ideas. 

My global (and only) mdf file is in the same dir as the mp3's and has it's path specified in my icegenerator.config, metaupdate is set to 1 in my icegenerator.conf (I've also tried the default of 5)
Is there something I'm mising?

I was double checking everything as I composed this and discovered that the problem actually lies in my player right now.  If I tune into the stream with iTunes on my windows box it displays the track info without any problem.  I figured I'd post anyway in case it helps somebody else someday.