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ice-win 0.6

ice-win is a tool to control icewm's winoptions. The new version implements a german translation, code-cleanup and some bugfixes.

Posted by onli 2008-12-16

ice-prefer-0.6 released

With the new version, ice-prefer is making a big step forward.

Using the features of the newest Xdialog-version more intense, it is easier than before to select a background-color (with the new colordialogue) or to reset options to default (by activating a checkbox ).

The unnecessary option to change the preferences-file manually has been dropped to avoid confusion. This can still be done by editing the options-file, but I can't think of a situation in which this could be helpful.... read more

Posted by onli 2008-10-16

ice-win improved

ice-win-0.5.5 fixes some bugs and add small improvements. E.g if no window is selected, this option becomes the default and the other ones are greyed out.

The Changelog:

Unavailable options greyed out in the menu as long as no window selected

Set --no-tag in first menu, so the numbers are hidden

In main-menu, "choose a window" is now default if none is chosen, "General Options" if one is chosen.... read more

Posted by onli 2008-07-23

ice-prefer 0.5 released

With the new version I implemented some new methods I discovered while creation ice-win.
Most significant changes are the use of the rangebox and the intelligent menu (e.g. in workspace-menu the new default is the number of currently used workspaces).
The .tar.gz now has a kind of installer, asking you where you want to place the skript, and the .deb has ben fixed (the debian-binary was in the wrong place and a manual-file missing).
Some Bugs are fixed as well, including broken menuitems and the foolish behaviour to try to write to /etc/options.

Posted by onli 2007-09-11

ice-win released

ice-win is a configurator for icewm's winoptions.
If you (like myself) never found a working tool to configure the winoptions - try this one.

Posted by onli 2007-09-04

0.4 released

The new version should be more stable, comfortable, better ;)
The most important changes are implementation of the firstrun-greeter and the helpsystem.
It's the first time I added a .deb, hope everything is all right with it. I used the opportunity to cleanup the downloadsite - so the counter of version 0.2 and 0.3 are back to zero. For the record: until now 30 people choosed to download ice-prefer :)... read more

Posted by onli 2007-07-04

ice-prefer 0.3 released

See the changelog. The new version should be easier to use :)

Posted by onli 2007-06-29

ice-prefer 0.2

syntax-error in language-file en fixed
Timings-menu fixed
input may not be -z
Workspace-menu written expanded

Posted by onli 2007-03-10

ice-prefer 0.1

The first release, hope everything works

Posted by onli 2007-02-23

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