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Version 0.6 released.


New features:
-faster scanning of content due to new word-search algorithm
-Deny is now before allow when blocking URL's

-Will enable safe-search on google

Posted by Menne Kamminga 2014-08-22

Version 0.4 released.


Version 0.4 of icappfd is released, it is more stable then 0.2 and contains 2 new featues.
1) The extras directory contains an install.sh script that will turn a bare Arch linux box with 2 network cards into a filtering bridge.
2) An extra feature has been added to icappfd.conf... you can now specify .bu<TEXT> to block all URLS that contain TEXT. .bur<REGEX> will do the same but with a regex, .au<TEXT> passes any URL that containts TEXT, and of course to complete the set: .aur<REGEX>
With this it is possible to add URL based filtering.... read more

Posted by Menne Kamminga 2013-12-28

First wiki page is here...

Added: 1 installation guide!

If you want to use icappfd: read this install guide.

Posted by Menne Kamminga 2013-12-09

First download!

First downloadable version of icappfd is here!


To install:

tar zxvf icappfd-[version].tar.gz
cd icappfd-[version]/build
cmake ../
make install

More to follow.

Posted by Menne Kamminga 2013-11-30

First commit

First commit of the ICAP Phrase Filter Daemon is live :)

To be continued.

Posted by Menne Kamminga 2013-11-22

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