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iCalcreator-2.22, a major subrelease

iCalcreator is a PHP class package managing iCal files, supporting (non-)calendar systems and applications to process and communicate calendar information like events, agendas, tasks, reports, totos and journaling information.

The iCalcreator 2.22 release requires PHP >= 5.3.0 due to major updates in the
selectComponents method.
The returnCalender/useCachedCalendar methods no longer stops PHP script (die),
return TRUE on success!
iCalcreator.class.php is now split into class and function files and need a new
PHP iCalcreator invoke.... read more

Posted by kigsf 2015-05-03

New release of iCalcreator 2.10.5

A major release comprising iCalcreator 2.8, 2.10 and 2.10.5
- new factory-method for creating components
- simplified configuration
- utility (static) functions collected in support class
- call getProperty, sort, getComponent and selectComponents with new arguments
- simple create of timezone (including standard/daylight) component
- auto completion of (default) timezone when setting DTEND, DTSTART, DUE, RECURRENCE-ID
- transform a datetime from a timezone to another
- refactored sort and selectComponents functions
- get- and setfunctions for properties
- parse and returnCalendar functions... read more

Posted by kigsf 2011-08-08

iCalcreator-2.6 extensions: tinycal, dbiCal, iCalcnv

tinycal is a small HTML calendar box, displaying calendar information from local and/or remote calendar files or even urls, ex. Google calendar. tinycal displays calendar information in a month, week, day, list or component view, only 220px in width (configurable), "calendar-in-a-box".

dbiCal is a template and example how to extract data from a database and create iCal (RFC2445) formatted calendar output files. dbiCal iCal interface is implemented in PHP and is executed from a webserver.... read more

Posted by kigsf 2009-02-14

iCalcreator version 2.6 released 23/11 2008

iCalcreator is a PHP class managing iCal formatted files for non-calendar systems like CMS, project management systems and other applications able to process calendar information like agendas, tasks, reports, totos, journaling data and for communication with calendar systems and applications.

iCalcreator features create, parse, edit and select calendar and calendar components.

iCalcreator 2.6 is a major subrelease, focused on
- enhanced performance
- ensuring date input formats
- UTC bug correction
- refactored setfunctions
- updated using manual
An extensive external beta test programme has been executed to verify the release.

Posted by kigsf 2008-11-23

iCalcreator version 2.4.3 released 18/2 2008

- Function selectComponents
For all recurrence instances for a calendar component, an x-property, "x-current-dtstart" and opt. also "x-current-dtend" alt. "x-current-due",
has been created with a TEXT content,
"Y-m-d [H:i:s][timezone/GMT offset]" showing the current start and opt. also end alt. due date.
- Function parse (at component level)
Ability to parse/inject strict rfc2445 property formatted property text line(-s) into an component and also complete ALARM subcomponents.
- Function parse (at calendar level)
Allows multiple vcalendars (within a single ICS file) parse into a single calendar (adaption for Oracle Calendar exports)
- update command manual

Posted by kigsf 2008-02-18

iCalcreator version 2.4 released 9/1 2008

New functionality
- New function for selection of components within date period
- support of remote files, update functions saveCalendar, parse and useCachedCalendar
- new calendar config 'URL', protocol http (or webcal)
- updated calendar config 'directory' and 'filename'
- new calendar config 'allowEmpty', allow/(deny) empty properties at input/parse
Bug fixes
- function sort
- function _date_time_string
- setting property RDATE
- function deleteProperty regarding X-properties
- setting (multiple "text") properties CATEGORIES, RESOURCES, X-prop, function parse
- setting CONTACT regarding parameter ALTREP
- function _strrep folding lines longer than 75 octets, preserve line breaks in XML text values
- changing component property order (MS Outlook 2003), UID+DTSTAMP always first
- function returnCalendar no longer write to file before redirecting, improves performance

Posted by kigsf 2008-01-09

iCalcreator version 2.2.8 released 10/9 2007

Updated functions
- major correction/refine sort function
- update of UID to include microseconds, used in sort
- line break management
Updated command manual

Posted by kigsf 2007-09-10

iCalcreator version 2.2.6 released 5/8 2007

Updated functions
- iCal files merge,
- date managing, header cache directives etc,
- Bug/code corrections,
Updated command manual

Posted by kigsf 2007-08-05

iCalcreator version 2.2 released 14/7 2007

iCalcreator 2.2 new functions
- deleteProperty, on calendar + component level
iCalcreator 2.2 bug/code corrections and function updates e.g. integer input identification, securing x-prop uniqueness

Posted by kigsf 2007-07-14

version 2.0 released 25/5 2007

iCalcreator 2.0 supports iCal calendar file create, parse and edit.

Posted by kigsf 2007-05-26

version 1.0 released 21/4 2007

Due to the low frequence of bug-reports, here is iCalcreator 1.0, finaly!!

This is, as usual, a minor bugfix and function update version:
- php coding corrections for PHP warnings.. .

- updated input values/parameter management 1;
formatted duration values accepted as input for calendar components DURATION, FREEBUSY, RDATE and TRIGGER

- updated input values/parameter management 2;
VALUE=DATE/DATE-TIME controls output formatting for calendar components DTEND/DUE/DTSTART/RECURRENCE-ID/EXDATE/RDATE... read more

Posted by kigsf 2007-04-21

version 0.9.15 released 13/1 2007

Minor bugfix and function improvement version.

Posted by kigsf 2007-01-13

version 0.9.9 released 28/11 2006

A datestamp is allowed as valid input to all calendar components' date[-time] properties' setFunctions (setCompleted, setCreated, setDtend, setDtstamp, setDtstart, setDue, setExdate, setFreebusy, setLastModified, setRdate, setRecurrenceid, setTrigger) and the validDate function.
The _date_time_string function was updated to improve ability to identify a timezone within a string.

Posted by kigsf 2006-12-04

version 0.9.7 released 20/11 2006

Added xCal support (experimental), x-properties
('Non standard Properties') still only partly
implemented (parameter entity declarations remains).
Major rewrite of all create-property-functions.
Minor bugfixes and updates.

Posted by kigsf 2006-11-20

version 0.8.21 released 12/11 2006

Minor bugfixing, code cleanup and documentation pre-stable version.

Posted by kigsf 2006-11-12

version 0.8.15 released 19/10 2006

Implementation of an graphical HTML interface started,
see http://www.kigkonsult.se/iCalcreator/HTMLiCal/index.php

Minor bugfix version

Posted by kigsf 2006-10-19

version 0.8.11 released 9/10 2006

Minor bugfix and major documentation!

Missing text output in FREEBUSY component property

New function; validDate,
check and convert input parameter date
return date in iCalcreator (internal) date format

UTC offset and local date management

Updated and extended using.html

Updated rfc2445 HTML format; IcalDirectory

Posted by kigsf 2006-10-09

version 0.8.0 released 27/9 2006

- A major bugfix and feature enhance version
- creation of iCalcreator testSuite, tool for testing and evaluating use of iCalcreator
- rfc2445.txt to HTML format; IcalDirectory
- using.txt to HTML format; using.html
- implementation of usecases from calconnect.org

Posted by kigsf 2006-09-27

version 0.6.1 released 21/8 2006

timezone management fixes

Posted by kigsf 2006-08-21

version 0.6.0 released 18/8 2006

License changed to LGPL
Date-time and timezone management
Minor bugs

Posted by kigsf 2006-08-18

First Release

Icalcreator version 0.4.0 released 16/8 2006.

Posted by kigsf 2006-08-16