iCal4j-Connector / CalDAV beginner

  • TLovas

    TLovas - 2013-04-17


    I'm trying to retrieve calendar information from a exchange 2007 server, using CalDAV and DavMail.
    As a beginner I'm finding it hard to get started, since i can't find any good guides/tutorials.

    Is it possible to use the iCal4j-connector to query the server?
    And is there any documentation available that could help me get started?


    - Tron

  • Pascal Robert

    Pascal Robert - 2013-04-17

    Exchange 2007 and later is using Exchange Web Services, which is based on SOAP. You can't use any CalDAV libraries to talk to it. If you wish to use EWS, I have a stub to talk to Exchange here:


    (check the com and org folders)

  • TLovas

    TLovas - 2013-04-17

    Thank you for the quick reply!

    I was under the impression that DavMail gateway made it possible to use CalDAV in order to talk to an Exchange server.

    In the application I'm writing I need to connect to the server, fetch calendar information for a spesific user on a given date. Will I be able to perform these tasks using the stub you linked?
    Is there any javadocs and/or examples available?

    - Tron


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