Date Format

  • Caruyer Perrine

    Caruyer Perrine - 2013-07-18

    first I'm sorry if my english is not really good, I hope you will understand what I mean.

    I try to parse an iCal with the field, with only hour and minutes (no seconds) :
    And I have this error : Error at line 6:[DTSTAMP] Unparseable date: "19970324T1200Z"

    If I add the missing zeros, it's OK.

    I was not able to find in the RFC the specific format for Dates. Can you confirm me (or point me in the RFC where it is) that "19970324T1200Z" is not RFC compliant ?

    Then, is there any way to avoid this exception, so that I get an ICal object with just this field null ?

    Thank you for the attention to my demand.

    • Erich Bremer

      Erich Bremer - 2013-07-18

      Please send all e-mail for me to

    • Ben Fortuna

      Ben Fortuna - 2013-08-29


      The formal specification for iCalendar date-time values is available here:



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