Mick Warnes - 2014-01-09

I am trying to use an ical feed from Outlook Live to parse through a WordPress plugin but the exported ics failed any sort of validation citing the error as
'Your calendar is using an invalid newline format. Make sure to use \r\n to end lines rather than just \n
Error was: Error at line 1: Expected [-3], read [-1]'
The feed has no obvious new line in it and my inexperience can't detect anything wrong with this.
The feed is as follows and fails all validation tools: webcals://cid-8bc2c6a932870e47.calendar.live.com/calendar/private/9c4c4799-bea5-4cc4-890d-de57b5bab8bb/f666e798-0574-4cde-8206-e6d0538581ac/calendar.ics
Any help would be appreciated