Use GIT instead of mercurial

  • thkoch2001

    thkoch2001 - 2011-11-14


    thank you very much for moving to a DVCS. Did you choose mercurial for strong reasons or was it more a fifty-fifty decision? In the later case: Could you imagine switching to GIT?

    Only the major reasons for GIT:
    - GIT seems to have become the standard: Android, most of Debian, Drupal, Eclipse, Fedora, Gnome, KDE, Linux Kernel, Perl, PHP (ongoing), PostgreSQL, Qt, Ruby on Rails, (
    - Much better Eclipse support for GIT, don't know about other IDEs
    - No support for local only branches in Hg AFAIK

    More arguments:

    I'm writing my bachelor thesis about calendaring and ReST and might contribute to update to RFC 5545 if I find time.

    Best regards, Thomas Koch

  • Ben Fortuna

    Ben Fortuna - 2011-11-25

    Hi Thomas,

    I just wrote a long post about why mercurial, but SourceForge login abandoned me and I lost it..

    The main points were:

    * mercurial seems a bit easier to learn coming from svn/cvs (commands more similar to svn)
    * I have had a better experience with the hg eclipse plugin (the git one is ok, but not quite as polished IMHO)
    * I haven't seen much need for local/feature branching yet in ical4j so that didn't really impact the decision

    So the main priority was to make the migration as simple as possible for less experienced users, and hg seems a bit easier in that respect.

    I wouldn't rule out a switch to git at some point if there is a real need to, currently the most appealing reason is github - currently I am sticking with sourceforge to avoid confusion over the active host site, but the constant bugs (see above) are really testing my resolve..


  • Pascal Robert

    Pascal Robert - 2011-12-01

    Hi Ben,

    Apply plans to move ical4j-connector to Mercurial too?

  • Ben Fortuna

    Ben Fortuna - 2011-12-01

    Hi Pascal,

    I already have moved all the projects to Mercurial, including ical4j-connector. Apologies I thought I had mentioned it already. I am happy to apply patches based on the CVS codebase still, as the only recent changes are from you anyway I think. You can see the recent changelog here:



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