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Fails with the URL but passes using File

Todd Geist
  • Todd Geist

    Todd Geist - 2013-05-31


    I am trying to validate a ical feed, using the validator,

    I have a an iCal file that is being generated on dynamically with php using saber-vObject ( ).  If I try to validate it via the URL, then it gives me this error.

    Your calendar is using an invalid newline format. Make sure to use \r\n to end lines rather than just \n (RFC 2445 §4.1).

    However, if I take the result iCal file, and upload it or paste it into the validator It passes. Manually inspection of the resulting file also shows that we are using \r\n.

    So what could be causing it to fail when accessed via the URL?



  • Earl Daniels

    Earl Daniels - 2014-05-27

    Same problem still exists pulling from my server, while a file upload and the validator at works great.

    On the "Size:" is shown as zero bytes, leading me to believe it is a transfer issue - probably an SSL issue - I have a Comodo cert - not always accepted. I force all of the site to https as it is an intranet, but the ics feed does not need to be secure. Perhaps installing a Comodo CA or bypassing SSL errors will fix the issue.

    Last edit: Earl Daniels 2014-05-27

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