no output for SELECT

  • Torsten Schabdach

    Hi there,

    at first: great tool :D

    But, for some reasons, I run into a little problem.
    I work through a tutorial, in which a table *Department* contains a column *department*.

    Now when I run a

    SELECT * from department

    or any other query that contains that column,
    then i get no results in the 'Show Output' section.
    If i perform these querys in the IBConsole-application, i will get the results.

    What can I do for solving this problem in ibwebadmin?
    So, i guess, it is better to avoid columns which are named like their tables, right?


    • Torsten Schabdach

      I tried the same on the demo site

      and it worked there.

    • Lutz Brueckner

      Lutz Brueckner - 2005-06-29

      Hi Torsten,

      is this with the employee.fdb from the examples directory of the firebird distribution? If it is another database, could you send me a backup as email?


    • chd

      chd - 2005-12-27

      Hi all,

      I've got same problem with ibwebadmin 1.0 on Apache 4.0 with Interbase 6.0 Open source.

      But sometimes, clicking on "execute query", I got output.


      • Lester Caine

        Lester Caine - 2005-12-27

        Apache4 ?
        Do you mean PHP4 on Apache something

        Interbase 6.0 Open source?
        Well I would start by switching to a version that is currenlty supported ;) That version ahd many problems that have been fixed a long time ago.

        It is working fine on the demo site, PHP5/Apache2/FB1.5.2


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