Remember configuration of watch table

  • Erazor2

    Erazor2 - 2005-02-21

    Hi 2 all,
    is there any possibility to get ibwebadmin to remember the configuration of a table specified in the watch table section?
    Hope somone can help me

    • Lutz Brueckner

      Lutz Brueckner - 2005-02-21

      As far as I know there is no way with ibWebAdmin 0.99.2.

      But because I missed this by myself, I've already implemented this for the upcoming ibWebAdmin 2.0.  Ok, this didn't really help you now and there is no scheduled release date ...


      • Lester Caine

        Lester Caine - 2005-02-21

        Any plans on GRANT management in that - it's the only thing that I'm finding missing at present ;)

        • Lutz Brueckner

          Lutz Brueckner - 2005-02-21

          could happen :-)

    • Erazor2

      Erazor2 - 2005-02-22

      well ok,
      thank you for that


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