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IBT PHP Library and Framework v0.9.3-a4

IBT PHP Library and Framework provides you with a shell of high-level PHP functionality that structures your PHP content and logic. IPL is 100% XHTML compatible, implements the Smarty templating system, a plug in system, and a new display architecture.

The latest release, 0.9.3-a4, implements a mass of new features including a new graphing class, c-in-line-compiler class, JPSpan and Smarty plug ins, templating system, display architecture, structured config preparation, dot-syntax system, web query system, direct script access blocking, basic plug in system, temporary global variable container, gateway init action, and global root variable.... read more

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-10-10

Functional Alpha

Hi folks,

I have just released 0.9.3 Alpha 2 which is basically another progress report. However, unlike the first alpha release, this one is functional. The last alpha was more of a structural representation of my current direction with the library. Even though this alpha is functional, the library is still waiting for the instantiation global function to be created, so it is not yet ready for production use. There are also many other things that I would like to accomplish before the final 0.9.3 release, so the instantiation function will most likely be released with the beta assuming I don't run another alpha.... read more

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-07-01

Big Changes

Hi folks,
The first release that this project has seen in a while brings some big changes to the structure of the library but doesn't top Alpha stages.

Release 0.9.3 Alpha 1 is now available for download and has being released to show progress and direction. This version is not yet fully functional (hence alpha), so don't go betting on it just yet. I am moving very quickly with this and don't plan on it being too much longer before this community sees a stable 0.9.3 release.... read more

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-06-29

IPL Rolling Again

Hi folks!

IBT PHP Library development is rolling again. There are huge plans for the near future of the library. The last couple of months have been mostly spent planning some new development stages for the library.

The goal of this most recent stretch of development will be to integrate other open-source solutions into the library. These integrations will include possibility for a Zope instance which would then, ideally, provide a solution by which we could migrate current workflow processing. I have also been looking at the possibility of providing Plone interface tools once a Zope interface is integrated. We'll see about that one though.... read more

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-06-22

Life Change

I am making a life changing decision to sell my company and travel the world. I will be transferring the ibt lib website from company servers to the SourceForge servers very soon. I will work on IBT Lib when I find opportunity to do so.

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-04-25

New Site Design

The IPL web site design was recently updated ( in less than an hour thanks to the library itself ) to a new design that is being implemented for all sites on the IBT network. This tab-based design is proving highly efficient in many other sites on the IBT network and should prove equally efficient for our IBT PHP Library home page. http://www.ibtlib.com

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-02-15

Dev Update was just released today with some minor fixes to LDAP functionality. A couple of dev releases had also been uploaded (, where some slightly more devious bugs were fixed. With these fixes done, it is time to get the documentation up to speed and move on to creating more classes for higher level functionality along with continuing to work on getting the full documentation written.

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-02-08

IBT PHP Library Release 0.9.2 Stable

IBT PHP Library provides you with a shell of high-level PHP functionality that encases your PHP content and logic. IPL is 100% XHTML compatible off the shelf. The 0.9.2 release of the IPL is our second release. It has been thoroughly tested and is stable. This release comes earlier than expected and has, so far, outperformed expectations.

0.9.2 holds many exciting new features such as an entire workflow engine, the ability to create action scripts, a workflow class for building cusom workflow engines, a new email class to ease the tasks involved in sending email, and some added header and data manipulation functions.... read more

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-02-01

Development News

We are currently working on release 0.9.2 of the IPL which will include a couple of new functions in existing classes, a new email class, a new workflow class, and a functional workflow engine. This version release will be available on our sourceforge page by February 2, 2005; this Wednesday!

We have not touched our homepage ( http://www.ibtlib.com ) since its original release early this month, but we do have immediate plans to renovate and expand the site.

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-01-31

IBT PHP Lib - First Release

We have released the first version of the IBT PHP Library and documentation. The IBT PHP Library (IPL) is a library like no other because it is really more of a living library. It gives you the power to separate code from content from design and makes it easier than ever to code complex tasks. Our public site for the library, http://www.ibtlib.com, is also available now and is planned to include more features such as a forum in the near future.

Posted by Aaron Belovsky 2005-01-20