Defining the macros

  • Anonymous - 2010-05-06

    While doing make of tpm I got the following error:

    tpm_structures.h:50:2: error: #error "Must define either TPM_POSIX or TPM_WINDOWS"
    tpm_structures.h:54:2: error: #error "Must define either TPM_NV_XCRYPTO_FLASH or TPM_NV_DISK"
    tpm_structures.h:88:2: error: #error "Must define either TPM_V12 or TPM_V11"
    tpm_structures.h:100:2: error: #error "Must define either TPM_DES or TPM_AES"

    Where to define them?

  • Ken Goldman

    Ken Goldman - 2010-05-07

    Define them in your makefile.  E.g. for gcc: -DTPM_POSIX.  The README describes the macros.  It also describes several sample makefiles that are included in the tarball.

  • Anonymous - 2010-05-10

    Got it thanks. I was using the makefile-common where these were missing, while others work.


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