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iBATIS.Net DataMapper 1.2, DataAccess 1.6

After 5 long and productive months, the new Alpha releases of the DataMapper and DataAccess frameworks are ready! We also have updated documentation and the latest source available for download.

Here's a list of just some of the changes for the DataMapper framework:

* A new DomSqlMapBuilder configuration API (accepts Stream, Uri, FileInfo, and XmlDocument).
* Greatly improved logging and exception handling!
* New Custom Type Handler support for parameters and results!
* Class inheritance mappings using <discriminator> and <submap> elements.
* Automatic SqlMap.config document validation with an updated schema.
* Optional Data Map (SqlMap) document validation using a new <setting validateSqlMap="true"/> element.
* Added Support for multiple "properties.config" files.
* Improved Oracle and PostgreSQL support!
* Updated the use of Castle.DynamicProxy to v1.1.0.
* And bug fixes too! ... read more

Posted by Gilles Bayon 2005-06-01

Team iBATIS releases iBATIS.NET 1.*.458

Build Date: 12-jan-2005
Build Number: 458

1.*.458 Alpha - 12-jan-2005
o Completed Documentation dor DataAccess and DataMapper
o Added type (a CLR type) attribut in result and parameterMap element.
o Patch from Luke Yang
o Updated schema.
o Added explicit open/close connection for DataAccess framework.
o Added support for NHibernate in DataAccess framework
o Added optional tag 'daoSessionHandlers' in dao.config to support new session handler (NHibernate)
o Changed 'name' attribut on 'context' tag to 'id' (dao.config)
o Changed 'name' attribut on 'daoSessionHandler' tag to 'id' (dao.config)
o Used Castle.DynamicProxy 1.0.3 for proxy.
o Added Unit Test for multiple/nested DAO Manager
o Added Xml Comment
o Fixed possible issue in ApplyParameterMap (https://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=2841897)
o Added support for C# using syntax in DataAccess/DataMapper
* using ( IDalSession session = daoManager.OpenConnection() )
...db operations...
* using ( IDalSession session = daoManager.BeginTransaction() )
...db operations...
session.Complete(); // Commit
* using ( IDalSession session = sqlMap.OpenConnection() )
...db operations...
* using ( IDalSession session = sqlMap.BeginTransaction() )
...db operations...
session.Complete(); // Commit
o Added support for Distributed Transaction la Indigo with TransactionScope object in iBATIS.Common.Transaction
o Fixed bug for dynamic element isNotEqual (detected by Anders)
o Fixed possible issue in SessionContainer
o Refactoring of DaoSession
o Removed 'static' usage in DomDaoManagerBuilder
o Added support for embedded resource : only tag <properties ...>
<properties embedded="database.config, IBatisNet.Test"/>
and tag <sqlMap ...>
<sqlMap embedded="Account.xml, IBatisNet.Test"/>
will support it. Syntax for embedded attribut
'file name, the name of the assembly which contains the embedded resource'
o Removed 'assembly' attribut on <daoFactory> element of Dao.Config
the implementation structure attribut of <dao> element become the namespaceoqualified name of the class is specified, followed by a comma, followed by (at a bare minimum) the name of the assembly that contains the class.
o Removed 'static' usage in DomSqlMapBuilder
o Moved Alias management to IBatisNet.Common.Utilities
o Fixed request support 1032436, ByteArrayTypeHandler misses the last byte
o Fixed support request 1050704, Unable to use <selectKey> with useStatementNamespaces=true
o Added 'extends' attribute on statement, see Unit tests TestExtends*
o Improved configuration building
o Fixed issue on cache initialization

Posted by Gilles Bayon 2005-01-12

Move to Apache Software Foundation

The iBATIS projects (iBATIS and iBATIS.Net) are on the road to join the Apache Software Foundation.
See http://incubator.apache.org/projects/ibatis.html.

To begin this process, SF Tracker will be closed on 03/11/2004 and moved to ASF JIRA at http://nagoya.apache.org/jira.
Open ticket will be moved to ASF JIRA.
You must register and login if you want to post issues in ASF JIRA.

The forums will be closed at the end of the week and you are invited to suscribe to
* ibatis-dev-subscribe@incubator.apache.org
* ibatis-user-cs-subscribe@incubator.apache.org... read more

Posted by Gilles Bayon 2004-11-02

Team iBATIS releases Tutorial 1.0.0

The text of the Tutorial is available online:

* http://ibatisnet.sourceforge.net/Tutorial.html

This package is a Visual Studio 2003 solution with the source code for the Tutorial.

Tutorial README.txt

* Prerequisite: NUnit 2.1.x

* Download the iBatisNet Tutorial.

A zip file containing the Tutorial Visual Studio 2003 solution can be downloaded iBatisNet SourceForge project. ... read more

Posted by Ted Husted 2004-10-27

Team iBATIS releases iBATIS.NET 1.0.1

Build Date: 18/10/2004
Build Number: 321

1.0.1 Alpha- 18/10/2004

o Used Apache.Avalon.DynamicProxy.dll for proxy.
o Fixed support request 1045775, Connection management : ThreadStatic under asp.net
o Marked property 'assembly' on typeAlias XML element as obsolete, the type attribut structure become the namespace-qualified name of the class is specified, followed by a comma, followed by (at a bare minimum) the name of the assembly that contains the class.
Exemple : type="IBatisNet.Test.Domain.Order, IBatisNet.Test"
o Cleaning code, added comments
o Fixed support request 1043181, NUNit test TestInsertOrderViaExtendParameterMap
o TypeAlias refactoring, added a cache (improved perf from near 15%)
o Used NUnit 2.2 to test
o Removed signing on assembly

Posted by Gilles Bayon 2004-10-18

Team iBATIS releases iBATIS.NET 1.0.0

Team iBATIS releases iBATIS.NET 1.0.0 - Data Mapping for .NET applications. The iBATIS Data Mapper framework now makes it easier to use a database with .NET applications. iBATIS Data Mapper couples objects with stored procedures or SQL statements using a XML descriptor. Simplicity is the biggest advantage of the iBATIS Data Mapper over object relational mapping tools. To use iBATIS Data Mapper you rely on your own objects, XML, and SQL. There is little to learn that you don't already know. With iBATIS Data Mapper you have the full power of both SQL and stored procedures at your fingertips.... read more

Posted by Gilles Bayon 2004-10-06

iBATIS.NET v0.9 beta released

iBATIS.NET v0.9 beta released

The release of iBATIS.NET 0.9 adds dynamic sql support, implements PaginatedList and many other improvements.
The next release will add tutorial, complete documenetation and the NPetshop a fully functional web application based on iBATIS.NET open source persistence layer framework, including the SQL DataMapper and DataAccess components. NPetshop is an excellent example of how the framework can be implemented in a typical .NET web application.... read more

Posted by Gilles Bayon 2004-06-21

Nausicaa joins the iBATIS team

Nausicaa began as a port of the popular iBATIS Database Layer framework for Java. The work has gone well and the Nausicaa and iBATIS teams have now merged. Nausicaa is now "iBATIS.NET". To retain compatibility, Team iBATIS plans to create a common Data Mapper specification that both implementations can realize.

A 0.9.0 release of iBATIS.NET is planned for June 2004. This release adds support for Dynamic SQL to the Nausicaa 0.8.9 release. Like iBATIS.java, iBATIS.NET is being released under the Apache License.... read more

Posted by Ted Husted 2004-05-20

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