off-topic: libiax2

  • Pepe Aracil

    Pepe Aracil - 2012-06-03


    I'm interested in libiax2 implementation of iaxmodem project.
    Who are the maintainers?
    Is there any separate project or repository?


  • Lee Howard

    Lee Howard - 2012-06-04

    The libiax2 source in iaxmodem 1.2.0 was pulled from iaxclient SVN on December 23, 2007.  iaxclient is found here:

    Before iaxclinet libiax2 originally came from Digium, but Digium didn't use libiax2 in Asterisk's IAX2 channel driver, unfortunately, and so consequently the libiax2 that Digium hosted (hosts?) is very out-of-date and probably broken in modern use.

    You can review the libiax2 source in iaxmodem from the release tarballs or in SVN, but no real development occurs here.  Look to iaxclient for libiax2 development.


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